Spell Check, Th­e­saurus and Hyphen­ation: NHun­spell

NHun­spell is a .NET Frame­work Ver­sion of the Open Of­fice spell checker and hy­phen­ation li­brary. It is com­posed by three com­po­nents, the spell checker Hun­spell, the hy­phen­ator Hyphen and the the­saurus MyThes. It is free (LGPL, MPL li­censed), and can be used in closed source projects.

NHun­spell can use the Open Of­fice dic­tio­nar­ies and is there­fore avail­able for many lan­guages.

Spell Checker: Hun­spell

Hun­spell is a spell checker, mor­pho­log­i­cal an­a­lyzer and gen­er­a­tor. It has stem­ming func­tions to find word stems. It al­lows the gen­er­a­tion of de­rived forms (plu­ral, ...) from the word stem.

Hyphen­ation: Hyphen

Hyphen can hy­phen­ate lan­guages with com­plex hy­phen­ation rules. It has the abil­ity to change the text (ex­am­ple old ger­man ck -> k-k hy­phen­ation).

Th­e­saurus: MyThes

MyThes is a pow­er­ful the­saurus for find­ing syn­onyms. Due to the stem­ming and gen­er­a­tion func­tions of hun­spell it is pos­si­ble to find syn­onyms for der­viced forms, whitch aren't in the the­saurus it­self.

Spel­lEngine - Spell Check, Hyphen­ation and Th­e­saurus for Server and Web Server (ASP.NET)

Spel­lEngine al­lows the thread-safe ex­e­cu­tion of spell check re­quests. It is a com­po­nent opimzed for servers. All NHun­spell fea­tures (spell check, hy­phen­ation, the­saurus, anal­y­sis and gen­er­a­tion) are in­te­grated. To en­sure full uti­liza­tion of the CPUs on sev­eral re­quests, one Hun­spell, Hyphen or MyThes is in­stan­ti­ated per pro­ces­sor or pro­ces­sor core and con­trolled by a sem­a­phore. Mul­ti­ple dic­tio­nar­ies can be in­stalled to serve dif­fer­ent lan­guages. Spell check, hy­phen­ation, and syn­onyms in mul­ti­lin­gual ap­pli­ca­tions are sup­ported with­out any ad­di­tional pro­gram­ming.

On­line Demo

A free on­line the­saurus, hy­phen­ator and spell checker was mad with the new Spel­lEngine. Please visit the home­page:

On­line Spell Check, Hyphen­ation and Th­e­saurus

Links and Down­loads


NHun­spell re­leases (pre com­piled as­sem­blies)


NHun­spell on­line doc­u­men­ta­tion (sim­i­lar to MSDN)

Spell Check, Hyphen­ation and Th­e­saurus Dic­tionar­ies

Hun­spell Dic­tionar­ies

Source Code

SVN ac­cess to NHun­spell code (browse SVN repos­i­tory)

Pro­ject Host­ing

Pro­ject sum­mary page on SourceForge

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NHun­spell Ver­sion 0.9.6

Hun­spell 1.2.12 and Hyphen 2.5 is sup­ported.

NHun­spell Ver­sion 0.9.4

Hun­spell 1.2.9 and Hyphen 2.5 is sup­ported. MyThes is reim­ple­mented in C#.

NHun­spell Doc­u­men­ta­tion

The NHun­spell doc­u­men­ta­tion is on­line avail­able (MSDN style).

NHun­spell Ver­sion 0.9.2

The new Re­lease of NHun­spell sup­ports Spell Check­ing, Hyphen­ation and has a Th­e­saurus.

jQuery Back­ground Can­vas Plu­gin

The jQuery Back­ground Can­vas Plu­gin Doc­u­men­ta­tion is avail­able as PDF file.

Re­fac­tor­ing of the Spell Checker NHun­pell

the .NET spell checker NHun­spell is refac­tored to sup­port dy­nam­i­cally bind­ing on the na­tive 32bit and 64bit Hun­spell li­braries.

.NET Spell Checker NHun­spell

Maier­hofer Soft­ware cre­ated a .NET wrap­per for the OpenOf­fice spell checker Hun­spell.